A particular joy passes through me at the sight of a ramshackle home. Where other people see disorder and dread, I see possibility. Crumbling plaster, defunct kitchens, and musty rugs are my lark’s call from an early morning sky. I immediately start to decipher the clues: are there wooden floors beneath that wall-to-wall shag rug? Are remnants of the original crown moulding still visible in a closet or vestibule? Each new project begins like an archeological dig.

A similar process is at play with my clients. Getting to know them, their family, careers, habits, and even their dreams and passions is the cornerstone of my work. By taking their singular story and passing it through the lens of my design skills and aesthetic, I create something truly unique. My clients are at ease in the spaces I create for them because my design inspiration comes from them. I believe that everybody has lived a fascinating life and my interiors tell this tale with color, raw materials and objects.

I myself have had the good fortune of a varied and exciting life. My degree in Hydrogeology reflects my deep environmental commitment. I was the chief designer and owner of a woman’s handbag and accessory line featured in stores as diverse as Henri Bendel in New York City and Takashimaya in Tokyo. I now design beautiful interiors and oversee construction teams and craftspeople as they make these interiors come to life.

My experiences inform my current work. My environmental commitment is evident in my use of sustainable materials, antiques and refurbished vintage furnishings. My fashion background gives me great confidence in layering texture, pattern and color. Working with craftspeople locally and around the world has shown me how integrity for one’s work is something palpable that can be felt in the finished product. It has also developed in me a keen ability to motivate and inspire, so the people I hire do their best and most conscientious work for my clients. The product lasts enduringly.

The end result is a comfortable space that is fresh, sophisticated, harmonious and full of life.

Creating these spaces, and seeing my client’s reaction to them, is my joy. Never underestimate how beauty can change your life!